Where to Buy Real Food

Cheap fruit and veg

One of the common problems people have when switching to a real foods or organic lifestyle is that it costs so much more. That can be true if you continue to buy everything at the supermarket, where organic food is horribly expensive. However, luckily there are many different options for buying real food. Here are the ones I use: [Read more…]

Harvest Your Health eBook Bundle

Paleo and Real food ebooks

I don’t usually go in for spending money on bundles of ebooks, since I tend to borrow books from the library rather than buy them. However, this week an ebook bundle called Harvest Your Health was released that honestly could have been targeted directly to me. It is made up of 71 ebooks  about real food, the paleo lifestyle, homemade beauty products, homemade cleaning products, simple living, detoxing and fitness.

Normally the ebooks would cost over $1000 combined, but this week you can buy all of them for $US37. Since I have an interest in all of those things, I bit the bullet and bought it, and have been very happy so far. Obviously I haven’t read all 71, but I have flicked through the ones that looked the most interesting. [Read more…]

The Gold Coast Organic Farmers Market

Kale gold coast market

When I was on the Gold Coast the other weekend I was happy to find out that there is a weekly organic farmers market on Sunday mornings. The conference finished on Saturday, so I went along on Sunday morning.

Being an organic market, I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to afford to buy anything, but I figured I would at least be able to have a delicious organic breakfast there.  [Read more…]

My Favourite Spices

Spice rack

Spices are the secret weapon of the frugal kitchen. They are cheaper to buy than pre-made mixes and sauces (and healthier too!), and can make otherwise simple food taste amazing.

Some cuisines (mainly Indian and Mexican) lend themselves to spices, whereas others (like Thai) need fresh herbs. Since my garden is growing very slowly at the moment and fresh herbs are expensive at the supermarket, I’m trying to use spices more to flavour my food. [Read more…]

Food Bargains from Last Weekend

Aldi beef and bacon

Last weekend I made the trip out to Aldi, the fruit and veggie shop and the butcher to stock up on cheap food for the next few weeks. I got some great deals and should be set for most of September now.

At Aldi I stocked up on my usual organic butter, coconut cream and olive oil. I’ve also started buying my bacon at Aldi because the good stuff is cheaper than the supermarkets. This week they were out of the bacon I usually buy, but they had organic bacon, which I’ve never seen anywhere locally before! It was more expensive, but I am trying to switch to organic meat as much as possible, so bought some to try. [Read more…]