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Most of the food I buy is fruit, veggies and meat, which I buy locally. However, there are a few things that I’ve found to be cheaper online. For these products I love iHerb, a website that sells cheap and natural supplements, foods and toiletries. The best thing about iHerb is that they have very reasonable postage to Australia, so even with postage it works out as a good deal. For a $10 discount on your first order, use the discount code MCC437.

Here are my favourite foods and supplements from iHerb:


As well as trying to eat clean, I also try to use personal care products that are as clean as possible. I also buy these from iHerb, and here are my favourites:


I use the library a lot, but when I do buy books, I get them from Book Depository, which has reasonable prices and free worldwide shipping. Here are some of my favourite real food and recipe books:

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