Lemon and Cumin Potato Salad

Vegan potato salad

Potato salad without mayonnaise? I was sceptical when I first came across the concept, but the flavours work well enough together that you don’t miss the mayo, I promise! This recipe is very budget-friendly, as potatoes, onions and cumin are all very cheap. Lemons and fresh parsley may be slightly more expensive, but parsley is easy to grow and you can use bottled lemon juice if you need to.   [Read more…]

Simple Gluten Free Buckwheat Bread

Gluten free fermented buckwheat bread2

Since I’ve been eating a gluten free diet, I’ve avoided gluten free substitutes, as they’re usually full of ingredients that don’t fit my definition of real food. I tend to focus on eating lots of fruit and veggies, meat and healthy fats, and haven’t really missed the bread and pasta and other grain-based foods. Until now, that is.

Recently I came across a recipe for fermented buckwheat bread on Facebook. Instead of the usual list of ingredients, this recipe only used two – buckwheat and water, so I decided to give it a go. Plus I had a bag of buckwheat in the pantry that needed to be used up.  [Read more…]

Paleo Chocolate Slice

Paleo chocolate slice

I love my homemade chocolate recipe, but it’s not practical as a lunchbox snack because it needs to be kept in the fridge. Lately I’ve been experimenting with a more solid chocolate slice, based on almond butter, rather than coconut oil.

This slice will keep its structure out of the fridge. However, I do still keep it in the fridge in the Brisbane summer, since it does become a little soft out of the fridge. The sesame seeds add a nice crunch and texture to the slice, and the coconut adds a bit of structure. My housemate and I have both been enjoying it during late nights at uni working on our theses. [Read more…]

52 Weeks of Kale – Green Smoothies


In September 2013 I decided to expand my repertoire of kale recipes by posting a new recipe every week. The 52 Weeks of Kale project was born!

First of all, the winners of the double passes to the Brisbane Good Food and Wine Show. Congratulations Tracey, Josh, Mart, Lu and Lyn F. I will email you all the details for collecting your tickets in the next couple of days.

Today’s recipe is a short, sweet one. Green smoothies have become very popular lately and are a great way to get extra greens in your diet. The trick to making a good kale smoothie is to include lots of fruit to cover the taste of the kale. I also like to include lemon juice to counteract the sweetness of the fruit, and to help with the absorption of iron from the kale. [Read more…]

52 Weeks of Kale – Kale Pesto


In September 2013 I decided to expand my repertoire of kale recipes by posting a new recipe every week. The 52 Weeks of Kale project was born!

I eat this pesto on everything. I use it as a pizza sauce, as a dip, to top baked potatoes, to top soup, as a sauce with meat, basically everything except as a pasta sauce. However, once I get my veggie twister I will be trying it on zucchini noodles.

Even though kale isn’t as flavourful as basil, I find by adding extra garlic, lemon and olive oil you can make a delicious pesto with all the goodness of kale. You could also try using half basil and half kale. [Read more…]