52 Weeks of Kale – Kale Pesto


In September 2013 I decided to expand my repertoire of kale recipes by posting a new recipe every week. The 52 Weeks of Kale project was born!

I eat this pesto on everything. I use it as a pizza sauce, as a dip, to top baked potatoes, to top soup, as a sauce with meat, basically everything except as a pasta sauce. However, once I get my veggie twister I will be trying it on zucchini noodles.

Even though kale isn’t as flavourful as basil, I find by adding extra garlic, lemon and olive oil you can make a delicious pesto with all the goodness of kale. You could also try using half basil and half kale. [Read more…]

52 Weeks of Kale – Kale Omelette


Real food recipes don’t have to be complicated and time-consuming. If you’ve been following my menu plan posts, you’ll know that I eat eggs for dinner at least once a week. I like to add veggies and sometimes bacon as well, to make sure I’m getting a balanced meal.

This week I’m going to share my kale omelette recipe with you. This is super-fast to whip up and is perfect for nights when you get home late and don’t have anything prepared for dinner. By adding kale to an omelette cooked in butter you have veggies, protein and fats, a fairly balanced meal.

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Twice-Baked Potatoes with Kale (52 Weeks of Kale)


Apparently today is National Kale Day, which makes the second post in my 52 Weeks of Kale series very appropriate. Today I’m going to share a recipe for some comfort food: twice-baked potatoes with kale.

After going to the Farmer’s Market at the Gold Coast, I had lots of kale and potatoes, so was searching for a recipe for kale and potato bake. Instead a recipe popped up for twice-baked potatoes with kale and broccoli. I’d heard about twice-baked potatoes from Jen at Healthful Saver and though they looked yummy, so decided to give them a go. [Read more…]

Moroccan-Style Slow Cooked Lamb

Moroccan lamb shoulder

Since I have been buying a lot of lamb in bulk recently, I’ve been experimenting with different flavours to mix things up. I couldn’t find a recipe online for Moroccan lamb in the slow cooker without a tomato sauce, so I played around with some Moroccan seasonings until I found a combination that I liked. [Read more…]

Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder

Slow cooked lamb shoulder with veggies

When I purchased my budget lamb pack a few weeks ago, it came with a big piece of lamb, that I wrongly assumed was a leg. When I got it out to cook, I realised it was actually a shoulder, which made sense since the shoulder is a much cheaper cut of lamb than the leg. Not to worry though, a quick Google search revealed that lamb shoulder is perfect for slow cooking.

Since I am still relatively new to cooking meat, I prefer using the slow cooker, as it reduces the risk of overcooking the meat. And, as I realised when I roasted a chicken in the slow cooker, you don’t have to fill the slow cooker with liquid, you can use it like a mini oven for roasting. The advantage of that in my kitchen is that I can then use the (small) oven to roast my veggies at the same time.

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