Grapefruit and Berry Green Smoothie


Lately I have been drinking green smoothies as part of my breakfast. This one is my current favourite, because it’s not too sweet and the grapefruit makes it nice and tangy. Plus the vitamin C helps with iron absorption from the greens. [Read more…]

Cold-Fighting Citrus Tea

Cold fighting tea

Last week I came down with a horrible cold, despite it being the middle of summer here in Australia. I don’t like taking medicine unless I have to, so dosed myself up with plenty of cold-fighting foods like bone broth, lacto-fermented garlic and lemons.

Since I was sick for the whole week, I had plenty of time to experiment with remedies, and also came up with a new cold-fighting “tea” recipe, that was soothing and immune-boosting. I based it on a lemongrass iced tea that a friend and I had recently. [Read more…]

52 Weeks of Kale – Green Smoothies


In September 2013 I decided to expand my repertoire of kale recipes by posting a new recipe every week. The 52 Weeks of Kale project was born!

First of all, the winners of the double passes to the Brisbane Good Food and Wine Show. Congratulations Tracey, Josh, Mart, Lu and Lyn F. I will email you all the details for collecting your tickets in the next couple of days.

Today’s recipe is a short, sweet one. Green smoothies have become very popular lately and are a great way to get extra greens in your diet. The trick to making a good kale smoothie is to include lots of fruit to cover the taste of the kale. I also like to include lemon juice to counteract the sweetness of the fruit, and to help with the absorption of iron from the kale. [Read more…]

Real Chocolate Milk

real food chocolate milk

Lately I’ve been buying raw milk from the markets. Since it’s not cheap and I have a bit of a history of letting milk go to waste, I’ve been making chocolate milk as a snack or dessert.

Commercial drinking chocolate powder can have a bunch of additives like whey powder, beverage whitener, emulsifier and anti-caking agent . This recipe has only four ingredients, which are all real foods, plus you can control the level of sweetness. [Read more…]

Homemade Vitamin Water

Lemon water

If you want to be healthy and save money at the same time, one of the best things you can do is drink water. Water is necessary for every cell in your body and is especially important for brain function, digestion and maintaining body temperature. [Read more…]