Simple Gluten Free Buckwheat Bread

Gluten free fermented buckwheat bread2

Since I’ve been eating a gluten free diet, I’ve avoided gluten free substitutes, as they’re usually full of ingredients that don’t fit my definition of real food. I tend to focus on eating lots of fruit and veggies, meat and healthy fats, and haven’t really missed the bread and pasta and other grain-based foods. Until now, that is.

Recently I came across a recipe for fermented buckwheat bread on Facebook. Instead of the usual list of ingredients, this recipe only used two – buckwheat and water, so I decided to give it a go. Plus I had a bag of buckwheat in the pantry that needed to be used up.  [Read more…]

Eggs and Veggies – A Simple Breakfast

Eggs and veggies breakfast

Lately I’ve been trying to get some veggies in at every meal. This is easy to do for lunch and dinner, but breakfast can be a bit of a challenge. Sometimes I have a green smoothie, but if I’m feeling like something more substantial, I whip up a pan of eggs and veggies. [Read more…]

Grapefruit and Berry Green Smoothie


Lately I have been drinking green smoothies as part of my breakfast. This one is my current favourite, because it’s not too sweet and the grapefruit makes it nice and tangy. Plus the vitamin C helps with iron absorption from the greens. [Read more…]

Congee (A Frugal Breakfast)

Congee with toppings

I prefer savoury breakfasts to sweet ones, and like to make sure I get enough protein first thing in the morning. My typical weekday breakfast consists of eggs or bacon with green veggies or savoury pancakes. Now that I am doing the $21 Challenge, I have to ration my egg consumption a bit, since the cheapest free-range eggs cost $4.50 a dozen. [Read more…]

Weekend Breakfasts

scrambled eggs with greens

I have a bit of a Saturday tradition that involves sleeping in and then treating myself to a gourmet breakfast. It’s a great way to use up leftovers, and it makes breakfast a little bit special on the weekend. [Read more…]