78 Last-Minute Frugal Homemade Christmas Presents

homemade presents frugal

With my graduation being so close to Christmas, I haven’t been as organised as I usually am with regards to homemade presents. Maybe you’re the same way, life has been busy and now here we are, the last weekend before Christmas (how on earth did that happen!).

Never fear, I have scoured my favourite blogs to put together a list of frugal homemade Christmas presents that only need an hour or two to put together. You should be able to find something for everyone on your list! [Read more…]

Comparing the Cost of Organic and Non-organic Food

Organic food meme A while ago this meme was circulating on facebook and it really annoyed me for several reasons. Firstly, as someone who is on a budget, I don’t like memes that try and make people feel guilty for not buying organic foods. Just because someone doesn’t buy organic food 100% of the time does not automatically mean they live on chocolate, soft drink and chips.

Secondly, as a scientist, comparing the cost of different foods makes no sense. If you’re going to look at the cost of chicken, compare pastured, organically-fed chicken with non-organic chicken or non-local chicken, rather than a bunch of junk food. [Read more…]

Lacto-Fermentation for Beginners

lacto-fermentation for beginners

What is lacto-fermentation?

Lacto-fermentation is a way of preserving food that has been part of traditional diets all over the world for thousands of years.  Food is fermented at room temperature using lactic acid as a preserving agent.

Does lacto-fermentation involve milk products?

No, the “lacto” part of the name comes from the bacteria, Lactobacillus, which get their name from the way they turn lactose and other sugars into lactic acid. Some recipes call for whey (strained from yogurt) as a starter, but I don’t use this in my fermenting and it’s worked out fine. [Read more…]

Cold-Fighting Citrus Tea

Cold fighting tea

Last week I came down with a horrible cold, despite it being the middle of summer here in Australia. I don’t like taking medicine unless I have to, so dosed myself up with plenty of cold-fighting foods like bone broth, lacto-fermented garlic and lemons.

Since I was sick for the whole week, I had plenty of time to experiment with remedies, and also came up with a new cold-fighting “tea” recipe, that was soothing and immune-boosting. I based it on a lemongrass iced tea that a friend and I had recently. [Read more…]

My First Food Co-op Order

Food coop Brisbane

A few weeks ago I found and joined a local food co-op here in Brisbane. They do orders four times a year and it’s all organised by email. They email out an order form with a price list, you select what you want and then a week later you go and pick it up from a house in Brisbane. The house is not very close to where I live, but making the drive 2-4 times a year is worth it for the savings. [Read more…]