Comparing the Cost of Organic and Non-organic Food

Organic food meme A while ago this meme was circulating on facebook and it really annoyed me for several reasons. Firstly, as someone who is on a budget, I don’t like memes that try and make people feel guilty for not buying organic foods. Just because someone doesn’t buy organic food 100% of the time does not automatically mean they live on chocolate, soft drink and chips.

Secondly, as a scientist, comparing the cost of different foods makes no sense. If you’re going to look at the cost of chicken, compare pastured, organically-fed chicken with non-organic chicken or non-local chicken, rather than a bunch of junk food. [Read more…]

Saving Money Lately

homemade mung bean sprouts

Sometimes saving money is all about the little things. Here are some ways I’ve been saving money lately:

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Breakdown of my Food Spending

Total food spending

I don’t have a strict monthly budget; instead I track everything I spend and then review it to see where I can spend less. I also love making spreadsheets and graphs because I am a science geek! I don’t buy a lot of things, but one area that I do spend money consistently in is food (everyone’s got to eat right?).  [Read more…]

Spending Summary Quarter 3 2013

dollar coin

Every quarter I report my spending and compare it to the same quarter in previous years. This opens my eyes to where all my money has gone, as well as showing me where I can improve.

track my spending using an iPhone app called Ixpenseit, and have been doing so since mid 2010. So for this report, I was able to compare my spending in 2010, 2011 and 2012. I split my expenses into two groups (high and low) based on the total amount I have spent on that category in total, and then graph each group (it makes a nice change from making graphs for my PhD!).

So first of all, the high expenditure categories: [Read more…]

My First Adsense Payment

dollar coin

Last Thursday was a big blogging milestone for me – I received my first payment from Adsense for $206.33!

I’ve had Adsense ads on my blog since I started it in July 2012. The first month I made a grand total of $1.59, approximately 1/100th of the threshold for payment here in Australia ($150). Luckily it didn’t take 100 months to get to the threshold. In fact, I have a graph to illustrate my earnings over the past fourteen months:  [Read more…]