Christmas Break on a Budget

Ice cream plum puddingHello everyone and welcome to 2016! It has been a while between blog posts, but what can I say, life has been busy!

Mr Kale and I spent our Christmas break with my family in Melbourne. In August I started a new job working full time for a university, which closes down completely between Christmas Eve and the start of January, so we were able to visit for ten days without me taking any leave.

Homemade christmas presents

Ignore the ugly cereal boxes in the background!

My parents were very generous and gave us our flights (using frequent flyer points) as part of our Christmas presents. For giving gifts, I generally stick to edible/consumable gifts – not just for frugal reasons, but because many people on my list have everything they could possibly want and I don’t want to clutter up their houses. This year I made mango and passionfruit jam, red onion relish, vanilla essence, Mexican spice mix, raspberry vinegar, dried mango and rocky road, as well as buying some gifts. Mr Kale, who is very talented at woodworking, made some beautiful photo frames, chopping boards and coasters.

Refuge cove wilsons prom

For New Years Eve we decided to do a 3 day hike at Wilson’s Prom. We hiked into the campsite on the first day, spent the middle day bludging around at the beach, and walked out on the last day. The camping fees were $12.80 per person per night, and we spent around $60 on food and $50 on petrol (we borrowed my mum’s car). So all in all it cost around $160 for us to spend 3 days in this beautiful environment 🙂

Labrador puppies

Canine family members!

The rest of the time we spent visiting family, riding bikes (we borrowed them from my parents) and hounding the neighbourhood cat. We did eat a few meals out and visited the zoo with my nephew, but all in all I’m happy with what we spent.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas break too. What did you get up to?

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  1. Hi, Liz. Good to hear from you and hear that things are going well. Congrats on your full time job. Your camping trip photo is beautiful. Those aren’t your puppies, are they?

  2. Hi Liz, great to hear from you and life sounds very good! I think your Christmas Gifts were absolutely lovely, especially as one who has too much and almost despairs of getting more clutter for the house at Christmas. I would love to receive any of those items. I’m thrilled also to see a beautiful Prom Pic! Did you do the Sealers Cove/Refuge Cove/Oberon Circuit? It must have been hot but perfect for that walk!

  3. Edibles make an awesome gift – the jam sounds especially delicious. So glad to hear you enjoyed your vacation!

    Hubby and I also have jobs that give us about a week off around Christmas/New Years every year. It is fabulous to have that guaranteed week break to look forward to!

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