Real Food Round-Up – Warmer Weather

Lamb rissoles with baked potato

Every week I share a round-up of my dinners from the previous week – both the good and the bad!

The weather is definitely warming up here and you can see it in my meals from last week – lots of salads and grilled foods. I bought a two bunches of basil from the markets and made a huge batch of homemade pesto, which always makes me think of summer, so that has been featuring in my meals.

The other foodie highlight of the week was the Eat Drink Blog conference, which was held on Saturday. As well as learning things about blogging, there was fantastic food provided, including a flaming dessert at the conference dinner.

Monday – Lamb rissoles with red onion, lacto-fermented rhubarb salsa, a baked potato and salad.

Tuesday – I’d had a huge lunch of quesedillas, so didn’t end up eating dinner at all.

Chicken sausages with pesto and salad

Wednesday – Chicken sausages with red onion, a baked potato topped with homemade pesto and salad.

Scrambled eggs with rhubarb salsa

Thursday – Scrambled eggs with red onion, tomato and Camembert, with homemade buckwheat bread, lacto-fermented rhubarb salsa and parsley salad.

Friday – Pretty much exactly the same meal as Tuesday.

Soft-boiled egg with powdered kimchi

Saturday – I was at the conference dinner for Eat Drink Blog and there were a lot of fancy appetisers. My favourite one was soft-boiled eggs with powdered kimchi – so delicious!

Sunday – I had some hot chips at a friend’s party and then some carrots and tahini when I got home.

What was on your menu last week?

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  1. Before I read anything you wrote, I looked at your first meal and thought, hmm, looks like springtime food! Apparently some things are consistent even when you live on different continents.

  2. It looks delicious as always. We tried a new (fancy) restaurant in Melbourne this week, called ‘Hell of the North.’ Oh my goodness…spectacular food. Lots of Australian meat / seafood combined with rich, French sauces. Not cheap but worth saving up for!

    • Yum, that sounds great 🙂 I have a couple of trips to Melbourne coming up before the end of the year, so may have to check it out 🙂

  3. I love eggs so will be making some soft boiled eggs with paprika dusting for breakfast, right now! YUM.

  4. Love the fresh salads 🙂

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