Real Food Round-Up – Eating From the Freezer

Vegetarian nachos

Every week I share a round-up of my dinners from the previous week – both the good and the bad!

Since I’m underemployed at the moment, I’ve been trying to eat up the food in the house rather than going shopping. This week I ate two meals from the freezer, made my own tahini from black sesame seeds and used up the bunch of rhubarb I got at Tamborine Mountain making salsa and stewed rhubarb.

Ham and lentil soup

Monday – Ham and lentil soup from the freezer.

Avocado with salad dressing

Tuesday – I had a huge burger for lunch, so didn’t feel like a big dinner. I ended up having half an avocado with homemade salad dressing.

Wednesday – Burmese beef cheeks (from the freezer) with salad and fermented buckwheat bread with lots of butter. Unfortunately the picture of this meal went AWOL, so you’ll have to use your imagination.

Sardine cakes with bread and salad

Thursday – Sardine and potato cakes with paprika (these fell apart in the pan but still tasted good) with more buckwheat bread, avocado, cucumber and lacto-fermented rhubarb salsa (recipe coming soon).

Friday – Pizza out with friends.

Banana with black tahini

Saturday – Another day where I had a big lunch, so just had a banana with some homemade black tahini for dinner.

Sunday – Nachos with adzuki beans, cheese, yogurt, avocado, two types of salsa and fresh coriander (above).

What was on your menu last week?

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  1. I love rhubarb! It’s not the season for it where I live but I have some in the freezer to pull out in the dreary days of winter.

  2. You always have some interesting food combinations (for me anyway). This week it’s the banana with tahini. Is that something you usually eat or something you tried on a whim?

  3. Some nice fresh foods, too!

  4. I need to learn to have small dinners like you after a big lunch – I nearly always have a normal meal [not that I need it]. #greedy

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