Real Food Round-Up – Baked Potatoes

Slow cooker chicken with beans and salsa

Every week I share a round-up of my dinners from the previous week – both the good and the bad!

This week I was back at home after being away and so was able to cook some of my favourite meals, like chicken soup and baked potatoes. I also experimented with a new chicken recipe and was very happy with it. 

Simple chicken soup

Monday – I got home after spending a week and a half away from home and was craving simple food. Since I didn’t have a lot of food in the house, I whipped up some chicken soup with some onions, and some chicken wings and celery I had in the freezer.

Baked potato with bacon

Tuesday – A baked potato topped with cheese, mustard and bacon, with some salad.

Wednesday  – Slow cooked chicken with adzuki beans and salsa (above; based on this recipe from The Rising Spoon). I substituted a few ingredients based on what I had in the house, but the recipe still turned out great. I will definitely be making this recipe again.

Bacon and blue cheese pizza

Thursday – Pizza out with friends – I had a gluten free one with bacon, tomato and blue cheese.

BBQ veggies and sausages

Friday – A friend had a barbeque and had heaps of delicious food: sausages, chicken skewers and veggies.

Saturday – Pretty much the same meal as Tuesday night – I love my baked potatoes!

Leftover pulled chicken

Sunday – Leftover chicken from Wednesday night topped with cheese and avocado.

What was on your menu last week?

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  1. I’m going to pass the crock pot chicken salsa recipe onto my son. He is always looking for something inexpensive to do in his crock pot.

    • I’d never made crock pot salsa chicken before, but I am a fan of it now 🙂 Such an easy way to make a bulk lot of food. I hope he enjoys it 🙂

  2. These posts always make me hungry. It’s basically all zucchini all the time around here at the moment! 🙂

  3. Hey Liz and thanks for sharing your weekly eats 🙂

    All of the food looks amazing, especially that pizza!!!

    I think I’ll also borrow your recipe of the slow cooked chicken with adzuki beans and salsa. It looks simply yummy!!

    Thanks again and take care.


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