My First Food Co-op Order

Food coop Brisbane

A few weeks ago I found and joined a local food co-op here in Brisbane. They do orders four times a year and it’s all organised by email. They email out an order form with a price list, you select what you want and then a week later you go and pick it up from a house in Brisbane. The house is not very close to where I live, but making the drive 2-4 times a year is worth it for the savings.

Here’s what I ordered:

5kg Himalayan pink salt (for seasoning and lacto-fermenting)

2kg Tahini (basically just for eating – I love it with carrots)

5kg Cacao powder (for making chocolate, chocolate mousse, chocolate milk and other yummy things)

1kg Dried bananas (for eating)

5kg Coconut oil (for cooking and making toiletries)

2kg Coconut chips (to try making my own coconut milk)

5kg Insecticide-free almonds (for making almond butter and almond meal)

Everything was organic except the almonds, and the prices were cheaper than the non-organic equivalents sold in the supermarket. I expect to use it all up within 6-12 months (except maybe the cacao powder, and I’m thinking I will try and sell some to friends because 5kg is a LOT!).

If you’re in Brisbane and are interested in this food co-op, send me an email and I’ll send you the contact details of the organiser. If you’re in another city, I recommend using google to find a local co-op, or asking in health-related forums and facebook pages. They are out there, they’re just a little tricky to find sometimes.

Have you ever bought food from a co-op?

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  1. I like this concept! We have a co-op here, at which you get a discount if you work there 2 hours a month. I am not a member but I’m glad it’s an option.

    • They’re talking about bringing in that kind of co-op at my uni, and I really hope they do before I graduate. I think it would be a great place to meet other people who love food (and also get cheap food).

  2. I’m glad you found a co-op! Hopefully this works out well for you 🙂

    Our co-op is about 40 minutes away and like Dar’s, you have to join (pay a membership fee) and commit to volunteering at least once a month to get the discount prices. I find it cheaper to shop at the local farmer’s market (5 mins away). For bulk purchases, I use Swagbucks on

    • I wish we had Amazon here – we can order things from the US (but not food) and the postage is a killer. Some Americans I met in Thailand were telling me you can pay a yearly fee and have anything you order delivered the next day. It sounds great.

      • Yep, $79 a year for Amazon Prime gets you free movie/TV streaming, 5-15% off subscriptions, and free 2-day shipping with no minimum order. We had a free trial for a month last year and it was pretty sweet. If I could convince my hubby to get rid of our TV service, we could justify the Amazon Prime cost for streaming movies/shows.

        It’s too bad you don’t have Amazon 🙁

  3. How long do you keep tahini? I don’t use a lot of it and am never sure if it’s okay long past the expiration date.

  4. As you know, i’m in a Coop – it’s $20 once off, and you get a greater discout if you’ve volunteered for 2 hours. Which i store and use as needed. thankfully, you can buy as little or as much as you want (if you want a ‘set’ amount that matches how it comes in, you get an added discount for buying in bulk). I’ve never done it, but it’d be worth it for a small slab of milk or tinned goods. Dry goods – not so much!

    • This co-op also sells some tinned goods and I’m definitely considering them for the next order. I’m hoping we get a co-op like yours at the uni next year and that I can start shopping there 🙂

  5. Very interesting… I’ve never ordered from a co-op, but I buy so few dry goods these days that it really wouldn’t make sense. And that does look like a LOT of cocoa powder! I think it might take me the rest of my life to use up that much!

  6. I’ve never bought from a co-op but it’s something I’d be interested in. Really impressed that the organic stuff is cheaper than the non-organic equivalents in supermarkets!

  7. I setup a coop in Sept 2013 based in Keperra Brisbane. We do a monthly order and there is no charge to join. If anyone would like to join email to get your name added on the distribution list for the order form. Jo

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