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Paleo and Real food ebooks

I don’t usually go in for spending money on bundles of ebooks, since I tend to borrow books from the library rather than buy them. However, this week an ebook bundle called Harvest Your Health was released that honestly could have been targeted directly to me. It is made up of 71 ebooks  about real food, the paleo lifestyle, homemade beauty products, homemade cleaning products, simple living, detoxing and fitness.

Normally the ebooks would cost over $1000 combined, but this week you can buy all of them for $US37. Since I have an interest in all of those things, I bit the bullet and bought it, and have been very happy so far. Obviously I haven’t read all 71, but I have flicked through the ones that looked the most interesting.

There are 26 Paleo and real food cookbooks included, and so far I’ve checked out Primal Tightwad, which was full of advice and recipes for eating Primal on a budget; The Paleo Chocolate Cookbook, which is full of healthy chocolate recipesThe Grain Free Lunchbox, which has great tips and recipes for lunchboxes (even for adults); Broth: Elixer of Life, which talks about the benefits of bone broth and shares some recipes and Crazy for Kale, which includes 40 gluten free kale recipes (I’m hoping to get some inspiration for my 52 Weeks of Kale challenge).

I am not completely Paleo, but I do eat a lot of Paleo meals, and everything I eat is real food, so I’m looking forward to trying out some new recipes over the next few months.

Personal and home care ebooks

As well as the cookbooks, there are 14 books about natural personal care and home cleaning. So far I’ve checked out Natural Cleaning by the Wellness Mama (who’s one of my favourite bloggers) and The Holistic Mama’s Guide to Homemade Skincare, which has heaps of recipes for homemade toiletries and beauty products.

informational and detox ebooks

There are also 4 ebooks on simple living, including One Bite at a Time: 52 Projects for Making Life Simpler by Tsh Oxenrider, who I heard speak at the Problogger conference. Even though it’s geared towards families, there are lots of tips that I can use in my life. As well there are 8 informational ebooks about health and wellness. I’m particularly looking forward to reading Common Sense Health and Change Your Body, Change the World.

inspiration fitness and simple living ebooks

And then there are 3 inspirational, 5 fitness and 2 detoxification ebooks (I’m looking forward to reading Detoxification: 70 Ways to Cleanse, Clear & Purify Your Body, Space & Life). Finally, there are 10 books about fertility, pregnancy and parenting. As a single person, they’re not much use to me at the moment, but may be in the future (although I will probably try some of the recipes from Real Food Kids: In the Kitchen for myself!).

But wait, that’s not all! You also get subscriptions to three different real food meal planning websites. While this is not something I need, it will be a great source of inspiration and new recipes (hopefully quick and easy ones!). You also get subscriptions to three healthy food online magazines, including Healthy Recipes Magazine.

There are also 22 health and paleo companies offering discounts on their products. I think most of them are US-based and sell food, so they aren’t that useful to me, however OraWellness do post to Australia.

Would I buy all of these ebooks and spend $1000? Of course not (there is one on yoga for dogs!), but there are enough relevant ones in there to make this worthwhile for me.


The bundle is only on sale until the 14th of October, and you can find out more about it here. I am an affiliate, which means I get a percentage of the sale if you buy it through the above link (at no cost to you), but I bought my bundle with my own money and am sharing this because I think it is such a great deal!

What is your favourite food or health-related book or ebook?

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