Homemade Vitamin Water

Lemon water

If you want to be healthy and save money at the same time, one of the best things you can do is drink water. Water is necessary for every cell in your body and is especially important for brain function, digestion and maintaining body temperature.

I drink water 99% of the time. I don’t buy soft drink, juice or sports drinks any more because of all the sugar they contain (see this site for some great examples). I do have some cordial in the house that’s about a year old, but I think I will end up tossing it because it’s just too sweet.Your body needs water, not sugar.

Even though I love drinking water, sometimes I want something a little different. So I make homemade vitamin water, which doesn’t contain any added sugar. 

I eat a lot of lemons and limes with my meals and it seems a waste to just throw out the peels. So instead I use the squeezed out halves to flavour water. I squeeze the last bit of juice into a glass of water and then add the entire half of the lemon or lime. This gives the water a nice tangy flavour. 

Besides the flavour, I recently found out there are a lot of health benefits to drinking lemon water, including aiding digestion, balancing pH levels, helping you lose weight and reducing inflammation in your body. It really is an easy way to improve your health.

What is your favourite drink? Have you ever tried lemon water?

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  1. I am terrible about drinking water but this might encourage me! I am curious, how do you use lemons and limes with your meals – do you add them to recipes or just eat them?

  2. I always thought buying vitamin water was a very expensive way to get vitamins. However, I was out the other day and coughing a lot. I had emptied my water bottle, so I bought some vitamin water because that was what was available. At that point, it was a lifesaver.

    Do you ever freeze your lemon or lime peels to have zest for recipes?

    • I’m sure it helps if you’re coughing, but you wouldn’t want to drink that much sugar on a regular basis. I don’t freeze the lemon and lime zest, but I probably should since I use it for marinades and stuff.

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