Menu Plan Monday – Some New Recipes

Butter chicken

Every Monday I link up with Menu Plan Monday at The Organising Junkie. Because I don’t actively menu plan, I found that posting the plan retrospectively works for me. So my menu plans involve what I ate over the last week.

This week I had a bit more time, and so could experiment with some new recipes, including grilling lamb chops (instead of taking the easy option of slow-cooking) and making butter chicken, which I’d never had before but liked.

I also finally made kale pesto, and have a lot of it. I expect it to feature heavily in this week’s meals.

Monday – I had a vegetarian friend over for dinner and we had roasted sweet potato, red onion, garlic, Brussels sprouts and beetroot with quinoa, followed by leftover homemade strawberry ice cream.

Tuesday – Butter chicken (based on this recipe) made with tandoori chicken, zucchini and red capsicum (above).

Lamb chops with grilled veggies

Wednesday – Grilled lamb chops with grilled zucchini, red capsicum and red onion and a baked potato topped with sour cream.

Pulled pork nachos

Thursday – Nachos made with leftover pulled pork, cheese, avocado, lacto-fermented salsa, tomato and fresh coriander.

Friday – Fish and chips out with friends to celebrate a friend’s thesis review.

Saturday – By the time I got home after the election I was too tired to cook, but ate some homemade chocolate mousse.

Lamb chops with kale pesto

Sunday – Grilled lamb chops with kale pesto, lacto-fermented ginger carrots and lacto-fermented garlic. I was getting a nasty cold to tried to bump up my immunity with the garlic and carrots.

What was on your menu last week? 

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  1. Yummy, yummy! Lots of tasty meals here. Looking forward to meeting you at the Blog Chicks event on Thursday 🙂 I’m hopeless with names though, so if I stare at you blankly just hand me a business card LOL

  2. I think I caught your cold. 🙁

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