Food Bargains from Last Weekend

Aldi beef and bacon

Last weekend I made the trip out to Aldi, the fruit and veggie shop and the butcher to stock up on cheap food for the next few weeks. I got some great deals and should be set for most of September now.

At Aldi I stocked up on my usual organic butter, coconut cream and olive oil. I’ve also started buying my bacon at Aldi because the good stuff is cheaper than the supermarkets. This week they were out of the bacon I usually buy, but they had organic bacon, which I’ve never seen anywhere locally before! It was more expensive, but I am trying to switch to organic meat as much as possible, so bought some to try.

Aldi also sells grass-fed beef, which the other supermarkets don’t. I usually prefer kangaroo, but this time they had some beef mince marked down to $6.49 a kilo, so I decided to buy some and try it. As it was getting close to the use-by date I divided it into two portions and froze it.

Cheap kale Australia

Then I got some great deals at the fruit and veg shop. Kale is really expensive here in Australia. Until recently you could only get it from health food stores, but lately I have seen it in supermarkets and fruit and veg shops for around $4-5 a bunch. So I was very happy to find a bunch on the reduced table at the fruit and veg shop for 49c!. I plan to make kale chips and kale pesto.

Purple carrots

They also had purple carrots, which I love. They taste the same as normal carrots, but I love the colour. I was super-happy to find kilo bags of smaller and weirdly-shaped purple carrots for 69c on the reduced table, so bought all three bags. I will pickle some of them and eat the rest.

I also got great deals on zucchini (2.49 a kilo), beetroot ($1.49 a kilo), avocados ($3.99 for a kilo bag) and sweet potato ($1.99 a kilo). The only thing that wasn’t so cheap this time was lemons, so I only bought one kilo ($2.99) because I have to have my lemons 🙂

Have you found any great deals on food lately?

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  1. Oh, those are some nice buys! I always enjoy picking up a good bargain. I tend to get my great deals on food at markets near closing time… last weekend, for example, I got a bag of beansprouts and a bunch of bok choy for the grand total of a dollar!

  2. EOK, what do you use lemons for?

    • She uses them for everything! They are always on the sides of her plates, to season stuff!!

      Nice work – I know coles is doing mince at 4.99 a kg or something insane. Though it comes with packaging. Have you tried DIY mince with a food processor? That’s how I make my slider burgers (with bacon in the mix).

      Is it weird to you that the kale is plastic wrapped, or is that just me?

      • I’ve only tried DIY mince with liver, when I was trying to hide it in with other mince. What type of meat do you buy to mince? I’d like to give it a try.

        And yes, it was weird that the kale was plastic-wrapped. This particular shop wraps all of its reduced stuff in plastic and then sticks price tags on them, which is annoying. But for deals this good I live with it 🙂 I unwrapped it as soon as I got it home, to let it breathe.

        • To be honest, I’ve used pretty uncheap meat to make mince… so I’m no help!

          I reckon the clingwrap will save on sloppy messes for them to clean up if the items don’t get bought. But I totally understand that the price is RIGHT!

    • Like Sarah said, I use them for everything 🙂 I like squeezing them on veggies, using them in salad dressings and marinades and then putting the squeezed out halves in glasses of water to flavour it.

  3. I went to Aldi’s today and got a great price on milk. It was a $1.20/gallon cheaper than it was on sale at the supermarket.

  4. We have so many lemons being passed around our street at the moment from the neighbours. I have been sharing them out at work. I never usually look at meat at Aldi, but cheap and/or organic bacon…sold!

    • I’m so jealous of your lemons 🙂 My mum has had a lemon tree for years and last year it finally produced one lemon, so I don’t think I’ll be getting any from her any time soon!

      The bacon I normally buy at Aldi is around $9 a kilo – it’s not the cheapest one out there but it actually tastes good and not heavily processed. I haven’t tasted the organic one yet, but I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

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