Chocolate Chunk Vegan Ice Cream

Vegan coconut milk ice cream

Last summer when I was in the country doing fieldwork I did a lot of op shopping (since op shops there are so much cheaper than in the city). I came across an ice cream maker for $5 and asked the lady if it worked. She let me plug it in and it did, but I only had $3.80 on me. Luckily she dropped the price 🙂

So the ice cream maker has been sitting on my shelf for six months gathering dust. When my vegan sister visited recently, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to get it out and make some ice cream. Most commercially available vegan ice cream is made with soy milk, which isn’t great for your health and gives it a soy flavour.

I figured coconut milk would work just as well as normal milk, so came up with a recipe for chocolate ice cream. We also added chunks of dark chocolate with almonds and it turned out really tasty. The coconut flavour is not too overpowering and it makes a very creamy ice cream.

Ingredients (makes 5-6 servings)

2 400g (14oz) tins coconut cream (you could also use coconut milk, but it won’t be as creamy)

3/4 cup cocoa powder

1/3 cup real maple syrup

1 tsp vanilla essence

1 generous pinch of salt.

100g block of dark chocolate

Coconut cream solids


Place coconut cream cans upside down in the fridge for at least two hours. After they have chilled, open them carefully. The cream will have separated into two layers – a thick white layer and a clear liquid layer. Spoon the thick white layer into a mixing bowl, then add around 1/2 a cup of the liquid. Whisk them together until they are combined – it should look like cream. You could also use a food processor for this step.

Add cocoa, maple syrup, vanilla and salt and mix to combine. Taste the mixture and add more cocoa or maple syrup if needed. Break up the chocolate into chunks and stir it into the mixture.

Chocolate coconut milk ice cream

Place the mixture into your ice cream maker and follow the instructions. For mine, I had to put the bowl in the freezer several days beforehand, then add the mixture and run it for around 45 minutes.

Enjoy, but make sure you take the ice cream out of the bowl before it freezes solid (ask me how I know).

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  1. Looks really good. Luckily, I don’t have food allergies and I’m not a vegan so I can still eat dairy ice cream that is readily available. However, there’s nothing like homemade ice cream.

    • I know, the reason I got the ice cream maker was because it’s completely impossible to buy ice cream that doesn’t have heaps of additives and chemicals. Even the $10 fancy ice cream does! I will be making some dairy ice cream in the near future, but this was tasty even if you’re not a vegan 🙂

  2. Wow! There is an ice-cream maker! I never even heard of it but I know I shouldn’t be so surprised since there’s a maker for everything now. I wish I had motivation to make my own ice-cream. I love creme brulee and I haven’t even pulled out the kit that I purchased a while ago to make it.

    • Yep, mine is a very simple one – you freeze the bowl and then the machine part just churns it, but I think there are fancy ones that do everything. It’s very easy to make but there’s quite a bit of clean-up!

  3. That sounds wonderful! The mild coconut flavour would really add to it.

  4. Oh, with a bigger kitchen soon, I could have more gadgets! Like a slow cooker… or an ice cream maker And as you know, the BF loves ice cream… this is just another step from my three ingredient choc mousse, so I can see him enjoying it!

    • I got the inspiration from that recipe, so I already knew it would be tasty 🙂 Keep your eyes open in op shops if you want an ice cream maker, I think they were popular a while ago and now people are donating them.


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