Menu Plan Monday – Home and Away

Slow cooker chicken drumsticks

This week I bought very little food from the supermarket and still managed to make some tasty meals. I experimented with cooking chicken and veggies in the slow cooker (above), which turned out okay, but not quite as tasty as in the oven. It was nice to come home from work and have it all cooked and ready to eat though!

On the fieldtrip I was on on the weekend I got gluten free meals provided. They were pretty tasty, but didn’t have quite as many veggies as I would have liked! Unfortunately this time there was no leftover food that I could take home, so when I got home on Sunday night I had to rustle up dinner from what I had on-hand – luckily I have a well-stocked freezer and garden.

So here is my menu for last week:

Baked sweet potato

Monday – Baked sweet potato, topped with sardines, mustard and homemade mayonnaise, served with salad and sauerkraut.

Tuesday – Slow-cooker chicken drumsticks, potato and sweet potato, served with sauteed silverbeet (above)

Chicken soup from scratch

Wednesday – Chicken soup made with homemade chicken stock, celery, onion and silverbeet (chard)

Thursday – Same as Wednesday

Friday – On fieldtrip, fish and chips with salad

Saturday – On fieldtrip, chicken drumsticks in curry sauce with broccoli, carrots and rice.

Liver and onions

Sunday – Lamb liver with caramelised onions and silverbeet with sauerkraut and green salad (from the garden).

What was on your menu last week?

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  1. As an adult, you eat very strongly flavored foods that many do not like (chard, sweet potatoes, sauerkraut, liver, etc.) Did you grow into these foods as an adult, or did you like them as child also? I now eat many things I did not like as a child.

    • I never really thought of sweet potato and silverbeet being strongly flavoured, but I guess they are. I have pretty much always liked them, but never tried liver or sauerkraut until a few weeks ago. Since I started eating meat, I’ve made up my mind to try all of the cheaper cuts first, to see if I like them, before trying more expensive cuts. I can get enough liver for four meals for just over $2, so I decided to try it and actually liked it 🙂

      As a child I didn’t like peanut butter, which amazed the American students I was teaching on the weekend. It’s only in the last year or so that I’ve started eating it.

  2. Rachel W. says:

    I’ve only ever eaten beef liver (yummy!). Is lamb’s liver tasty? Now I’m curious to try it. I know I like lamb but don’t know if I would like the liver.

    • It is tasty. I think it would be similar to beef liver, in that they’re both quite meaty, but I’ve never tried beef liver. I got lamb liver because that was what was available in the shops, but maybe next time I’ll get beef liver and compare!

  3. You do eat some interesting things – there’s been no sauerkrat on my menu, or liver… well ever! Good on you, you are inspirational cause you eat so healthily in my opinion! I made gluten/wheat/lactose free tuna bake (and then one that wasn’t GF for the BF)

    • That tuna bake sounds yum 🙂 Have you posted the recipe on your blog? I think I have an advantage, being a vegetarian for so long, that meat is a level playing field for me and I don’t have any preconceptions about what tastes good. This makes it easier to try types of meat that other people aren’t willing to try. Plus I’m a big proponent of eating the whole animal and liver is so cheap!

  4. Those pics are mouth-watering! It’s my dream to be organised enough to come home to a slow-cooker meal “ready to go”. As soon as the weather gets a little cooler…

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