Homemade Almond Butter

Homemade almond butter

I recently discovered almond butter – a tastier and healthier alternative to peanut butter, and I was hooked! Real almond butter is made with only one ingredient, almonds, with no need of extra oil or sweetener. It’s so tasty I can eat it by the spoonful, and it can also be made into absolutely delicious freezer fudge.

The downside is that almond butter is expensive, and doesn’t fit into my new food budget. However, armed with some almonds from Aldi and my food processor, I set about making my own. I’ve seen several recipes online, but the one that finally made me want to try it was this one from Frugal and Thriving. I decided to roast the almonds first to bring out the flavour.

I can get almonds for around $13 a kilo from Aldi, so one jar of almond butter costs around $4 to make. The same sized jar in the supermarket costs around $7, so that’s a saving of around $3 per jar, and means I can continue to eat delicious almond butter.


300g (10oz) raw almonds

roast almond butter


Preheat oven to 180C (350F). Place almonds on an tray and roast in the oven for 10-15 minutes, stirring once to avoid burning. Allow almonds to cool to room temperature.

almond butter food processor

Place almonds in the bowl of your food processor with a blade attachment. Process until smooth. First you will make almond meal, then it will start to clump together as the oil is released. You will need to stop the processor and scrape down the mixture several times, as it gets stuck to the bowl. Eventually the mixture will become smooth and silky.

Scoop the mixture into a clean jar. It will keep for about a week in the fridge (if you can keep from eating it for that long!)

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  1. I do love almond butter! Neither my food processor nor my ancient blender can handle whole almonds. I use the sliced almonds, toast them and run them through the blender, a cup at a time. I do add some oil, however, as it gets the process going in my blender a bit faster. Yours looks yummy!

    • My food processor is very hardcore 🙂 Before we bought it we had a very ancient blender that was great for making smoothies but not much else. I tried to make pesto once and had to shake the blender while it was running to get it to work. What kind of oil do you add?

      • I add whatever salad oil we happen to have. I think right now it’s safflower oil, but I’ve also used oil that was labeled “vegetable oil”, likely a blend of corn and soybean oil. The safflower has a lighter taste than my all-purpose oil, and I think it goes better with the flavor of the almonds.

        My food processor is getting old, and was one of the earlier ones, designed more for slicing, pureeing cooked veggies, not grinding.

        When my blender was newer, I made peanut butter. We liked very fresh peanut butter, and stores didn’t have in-store grinding just yet. But even the blender is getting old. It can handle sunflower seeds for grinding, but no longer the peanuts. And I do make sunflower butter from time to time.

        I’d like to try making almond butter with a mortar and pestle. Then I could make just a little at a time. But need to find a mortar and pestle first.

        • That would be interesting, making almond butter in a mortar and pestle, it would definitely build up your arm muscles and you could make it crunchy by leaving some pieces. If you ever do it, make sure you post about it so we know how it went 🙂

          I should also try making sunflower seed butter since they are so cheap.

  2. If it’s still raining, I’m off to try this now. If it’s not, it will have to wait, because I’m going outside to pick up pine cones. We have a whole lot that came down over the winter.

  3. I can’t believe you make this – I suppose I can, it’s not that hard, but I’d never have thought to! I’m not the biggest fan of almonds, wonder what other nuts would work that easily?

    • I think you can use any nuts – definitely things like cashews or macadamia nuts. I have had macadamia butter before and it’s delicious 🙂 I use almonds because they are the cheapest nuts (apart from peanuts) that I can find.

  4. I like almond butter but I know my blender couldn’t handle this either!

  5. Glad to hear you got round to trying this! I too could just eat it from the jar, it’s delicious. I’ll have to try roasting them next time. I have also planned to make sunflower seed butter next time.

    • It even yummier in homemade chocolates – kind of like peanut butter cups I guess 🙂 You should definitely try roasting them, it brings it to an extra stage of yumminess 🙂

  6. Cashew butter is the way to go 😉

    Unfortunately I buy it from the bulk store b/c I do not have a food processor just a basic blender, not a high speed/powerful one. Besides any fun new appliances I bring home, dad ruins with his own experimenting. This is why we have our heavy duty kitchen aid mixer hiding down here in the basement with us in our bedroom. We’re ‘saving’ it.

    • I love cashew butter 🙂 I got a kilo of cashews for about $10 ($5 a pound) and have used almost all of them up making cashew butter. It’s great with homemade chocolate too.


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