Frugal iPhone Apps Part 2 – Entertaining Apps

Yesterday I posted a list of useful iPhone apps that make my life easier. Today I’m going to share with you some of the apps that make my life a little bit more fun.

Games (with internet connection). One of the things I love about my iPhone are the games. There are more games than you could possibly imagine and a lot of them are free. Some of my favourites are:

Tap Zoo – This game lets you build your own zoo and add animals, then breed and cross-breed them to get other animals. It’s very addictive, and has a paid aspect to it, where you can pay real money to get stars to buy more animals. I have been playing this game for about two years and have never bought any stars, I just enjoy the free options.

Words with Friends – This game allows you to play a Scrabble-like game against your friends. Also very addictive.

Scramble with Friends – This game is by the same people as Words with Friends, but you are given a grid of letters and have to make as many words as possible within the time limit. Some letters are worth more than others and some have double or triple word scores on them. This is very fun and probably the game I play the most at the moment.

Games (without internet connection). The above games need an internet connection to be able to play them, which makes them great for playing on the bus to and from work, but not very useful for things like entertainment on planes. So I make sure to have a few fun games that don’t require an internet connection like:

Unblock Me – Despite the slightly dodgy name, this is a very simple puzzle game where you have to move around blocks in order to create a clear path for the red block to escape. It’s very fun and they have so many levels I have never made it to the end.

Pyramid Solitaire – This is a card game, where you have to remove the cards in pairs that add up to 13, with the aim of removing the whole pyramid. Again, very addictive 🙂

Bubble Explode – This is a fun game in which you have to remove groups of coloured bubbles, the larger the group of bubbles, the more points you get.

Cut the Rope – A kind of strategy game where you have to cut the rope at a precise moment to make the candy fall into the monster’s mouth.

Books. I now have a kindle, but before I did, I used my iPhone a lot for reading. You can download the kindle app for free and there are some free books available for download free on amazon, both popular classics and more modern titles. I do still use the kindle app to read books when I don’t have my kindle with me, and it syncs the app with my kindle so I never lose my place.

Podcasts. There are podcasts out there on every possible interest you could have, and best of all they are all free! One of my favourites is Stuff You Should Know, which is entertaining and informative, but there are lots more out there. I have iTunes set up so that it automatically downloads new episodes of my favourite podcasts and then uploads them onto my phone, so that whenever I have some spare time they are there waiting for me. I especially like listening to them when walking places or on the bus.

Music. I have my whole music library loaded onto my iPhone, which means I can listen to it wherever I go, which is great for long bus or plane trips.

Predicting the future. Finally, I have a Magic 8 Ball app, which helps me predict the future, which is always useful if you’re trying to be frugal 🙂

What are your favourite “fun” apps?

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  1. I think I would love all of the games you mentioned. Maybe that’s a reason NOT to get an iPhone. 🙂 I don’t know if I need anymore screen time.

  2. One of my daughters would be totally engrossed with some of these aps. We borrowed an ipad to take with us last week, and I could hardly get her to turn it off. She was having so much fun with the games.

    I guess when choosing a phone, one just needs to assess just how many extras they really need. Myself, I’d really like to have a camera with me, but the rest I don’t think I need. I’m a bit older (okay, more than a bit) than you, and grew up with small note pads of paper. I still carry a tiny journal. It’s about 2×4 inches. I wrap a rubber band around it, to secure a tiny pen on one side and store receipts on the other. Inside I jot down important ideas, make lists, keep an appointment calendar, and track some expenses. (I tracked all of our expenses from our latest trip in this journal).

    I guess I’m saying, I’m used to the old-school way of doing many, but not all, things. I can certainly understand the usefulness to you, however. Technology adds choices to how we do things. I love having a laptop and being able to hear from people/write to people anywhere in the world, for instance. I’m glad that you have a tool for making life simpler and more fun.

    • They can be great for travel. My mum actually won an ipad in a competition and now she loves it, especially when she travels. I totally understand that the old-school way suits many people – it’s definitely cheaper! I used to try and write down everything I spent, but I never got into a routine with it, so I’m happy I can do it on my phone. Whatever works 🙂


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