Menu Plan Monday – Sort Of

Every Monday I post a record of what we have eaten over the past week. Except for this week. Since we were still on holidays in Melbourne last week, I was very slack about recording what we ate, plus we ate out quite a bit. So instead of showing you what we ate every night for the past week, I’m going to show you a selection of food that we ate while on holidays. And for those of you who think I eat super-healthily all of the time, you may get a surprise 🙂

Gluten-free vegetarian junk food, courtesy of Lord of the Fries (oh how I wish they would open a store in Brisbane, but maybe it’s better for my waistline if they don’t!)

Fresh seasonal fruit for Christmas morning breakfast (this was not all mine!). We also had buckwheat pancakes and pastries.

Christmas Day lunch, comprised of sesame asparagus, roast potatoes, zucchini, sweet potato, pumpkin and beetroot, cauliflower cheese, gluten free vegan nut roast and chickpea gravy.

Christmas dessert: vegan, gluten free avocado “cheesecake” (based on this recipe). There was also fresh fruit, plum pudding and Christmas cake.


Breakfast on New Year’s Day, when I was feeling a little bit seedy 🙂 Kale and red onion omelette with fried potatoes, avocado and tomato relish. I got the year off to a good start for my resolution to eat green vegetables every day!

Fish and chips at the beach. The fish, dim sim, prawn and calamari rings are obviously Mr Omnivore’s. The chips and sweet potato cake made a tasty lunch for me.

Turkish takeaway food from the restaurant I used to work at, served with homemade socca (chickpea flatbread – I will post the recipe for this really soon). Because I used to work there I knew exactly what was vegetarian and gluten free, which included dolma (vine leaves and cabbage leaves stuffed with rice), humus, felafel, cheese and carrot dip, cacik (yogurt and cucumber dip), babaganush (eggplant dip) and fasulye (green beans cooked with tomatoes). I used to live on this stuff when I was an undergrad student and even though the pay wasn’t that great, it certainly cut my food bill down!

And finally, the snacks I packed for the plane ride home: an apple, a tub of organic blueberry yogurt, Babybel cheeses, a bottle of water and a gluten free cookie bar (plus a macadamia bar that I’d already eaten). Even though we were flying QANTAS, and would get a snack, I wasn’t sure it would be gluten free (turns out it wasn’t), so packed my own supplies.

That’s all from me 🙂 What was on your menu plan last week?

PS I have added some of my favourite blogs to my sidebar, so if you are looking for some new blogs to read please check them out 🙂

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  1. Your “unhealthy” week of eating is still better than most people’s. The food all looks delicious.

  2. We are still trying to eat up all the holiday foods from Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. I froze most of the leftovers right after the big meals, and now that’s what we’re working on. No. Hemisphere–we’re eating a lot of root vegetables, winter squash and kale/broccoli.


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