Christmas Wrap-Up

Happy New Year everyone! I know that Christmas is well and truly over, but I’d just like to share one more post about the gifts we gave and the lovely gifts we received, a “wrap-up” of sorts (ha ha!). Before Christmas I shared some of the homemade gifts I was planning to give to my family members. Unfortunately I forgot to pack the lacto-fermented salsa (it was still in the fridge and I left in a hurry), and I also didn’t get to make any homemade body butter because we had a heatwave and I was worried it wouldn’t stay combined at such high temperatures.

Nevertheless we had plenty of gifts to go around, and the great thing about staying with my family was that we could see them enjoy the presents we gave them. Some of our most successful ones were:

Homemade tomato relish, which we gave to most of the people on our list and was widely appreciated.

Articulate!, a super-fun board game that we gave to my sister and her boyfriend. Basically you have to describe a word and the other people on your team have to guess what it is. We’ve played it quite a few times already and had a lot of laughs.

A personalised calendar with photos of our family. I made this for my grandpa and it was a hit with the whole family. I will definitely be making more of these in the future.

Homemade granola, which was much-appreciated by my mum and my sister,

A batch of homebrew chilli beer that I made for Mr Omnivore secretly in the garage and bottled while he was at work. He had no idea and was very surprised 🙂

And finally, I was one very lucky girl on Christmas Day and received a whole heap of useful and practical gifts including:

A flight back to Brisbane

Silicone oven mitts. I have a confession to make, I have never owned oven mitts. I just use tea towels, but have finally become fed up with them burning me, catching on fire or just not working properly. This set of oven mitts have silicone grips, and I can’t wait to get home and try them out!

A basket of homemade gluten-free goodies

Blissful Bites, a vegan cookbook that promises to nourish your mind, body and planet. While I am not vegan, we do eat quite a few vegan meals, so I am looking forward to having a look through this book on the plane trip back to Brisbane.

Quite a few pairs of socks,

New tongs, (so we don’t have to use the same ones for the meat and veggies on the BBQ)

An amazing rotating spice rack, which will mean all of my spices will be organised and accessible  and I can get rid of the mismatched jars and ugly rattan spice rack that doesn’t fit them properly 🙂

And a pair of Birkenstocks (which I have been wanting for years, but have never been able to justify buying for myself, so thanks Mr Omnivore!).

And finally I picked up Perfect Pickles, Chutneys & Relishes in the Boxing Day sales for $3 and am looking forward to trying some recipes from it in the near future.

How was your Christmas? What are your favourite presents you gave and received?

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  1. Happy New Year! I’m glad you had such a wonderful time with family.

    Too funny about you catching tea towels on fire, when used as pot holders. I singed quite a few towels myself, and even an apron, in years past. Oven mitts will be a definite improvement! I can vouch for that!

    My favorite gifts that I received came from my kids. My son gave me some tea that I particularly enjoy, and a gift card to use on a vacation later this year. And one daughter knit me a hat (it’s winter here), and my other daughter made me a bracelet (very pretty). My kids all know me so very well.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one setting things on fire in the kitchen 🙂 We head home tomorrow so I am looking forward to using all of my new kitchen goodies.

      They sound like lovely presents from your kids, so much better than bought gifts.

  2. One of my kids got mini Articulate for Xmas and we’re enjoying it. I got some great presents too – I expect some of them might feature on the blog soon!

  3. What is chilli beer? My husband does home brewing occasionally and might be interested in this.

    • I made it by adding chillis and kefir lime leaves to the homebrew (after soaking them in sanitiser) while it was fermenting and they infused to give it a chilli and lime flavour. It definitely has a kick to it and is quite tasty, and apparently should improve with age. I only brought three bottles down with me, so am hoping the rest haven’t exploded all over the house while we’ve been away.


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