More Frugal Redecorating

Last week I posted about how we got a cheap doorway covering from Ikea. Here are some other items we picked up cheaply on our trip to make our home more homey.

Firstly, picture frames. Ikea has very very cheap picture frames. They are quite flimsy and have plastic instead of glass, but they look nicer than sticking things on the wall unframed. Another plus is that our apartment has quite a lot of hooks already on the walls (although sometimes in strange places). We picked up three large black picture frames for $16 and framed some artwork that Mr Omnivore had inherited from ex-housemates. I am very happy with how much better they look framed, it makes me feel like a grown-up.

ALVINE STRÅ Quilt cover and 4 pillowcases IKEA Combed cotton; gives bedlinen a soft feel and an extra smooth and even surface.

Secondly, a new doona cover and pillowcases. This was not a planned purchase, but when we were looking in the bargain section (our favourite section!) I found a chocolate brown queen size doona cover set. It had been used for display and didn’t come with packaging, and was marked at $24. I have been unhappy with our current doona cover for a while. It’s beige, and in our new apartment the bedroom walls and the blinds are also both beige, making the entire bedroom a mass of boring beige.

So we bought it, and as a bonus it had four matching pillow cases inside. When we got home I looked it up on the Ikea website and found out it retails for $69! So we got it for less than half price because some people had sat on it in the store. I just threw everything in the washing machine before putting them on the bed and they were good as new.

Have you found any bargains for redecorating your home lately?

Disclaimer: This post was in no way sponsored by Ikea. It is just a record of my experience redecorating my home.


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  1. We frequent a vintage area north of us. I’ve found a lot of wall art there for bargains, about $10-15 a framed print is my price range. I also found chandelier crystals a while back and added them to our light fixture in the dining room, tied on with ribbons and it turned out cute. I’ll be going up again this next week and will see what vinatge-y fun stuff awaits me!

    • That sounds like a really cool place to visit. I have kind of the same thing at my favourite op (thrift) shop, and am always on the lookout for new pictures to hang on the wall – the last one I spent $30 on! But it was very big and nice and suits our home.

      Good luck with your trip up next week and hopefully I’ll see some of your finds on your blog 🙂

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