It is a sad day…

when $5 only buys you three tomatoes.

I have been making an effort to eat seasonally recently, and have been paying more attention to the fluctuating cost of fruit and veg. And boy do they fluctuate. Tomatoes were around $4 a kilo a couple of weeks ago and have now skyrocketed to $8.99 a kilo. I guess if I was truly eating seasonally I wouldn’t have bought any and just eaten red capsicum (which was only $3 a kilo) instead, but I do love tomatoes in salad.

Fortunately zucchinis were cheap, as were root vegetables, which I bought to use in stew later this week. Lemons are also in season ($3.80 a kilo instead of $1 each), so I bought a kilo to make Indian lemon pickle (more on that later). I really like the idea of buying up fruit and veg when it is in season (and cheap) and pickling or freezing most of it to last you through the rest of the year, so expect more posts on this topic.

Now I’m off to show my tomato plants some love, in the hope that they will produce enough tomatoes to last me until the prices come back down.

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