78 Last-Minute Frugal Homemade Christmas Presents

homemade presents frugal

With my graduation being so close to Christmas, I haven’t been as organised as I usually am with regards to homemade presents. Maybe you’re the same way, life has been busy and now here we are, the last weekend before Christmas (how on earth did that happen!).

Never fear, I have scoured my favourite blogs to put together a list of frugal homemade Christmas presents that only need an hour or two to put together. You should be able to find something for everyone on your list! [Read more…]

Graduation Day!

PhD graduation

Today, after just over four years of study, I graduated with my PhD in zoology. It’s been a long and sometimes difficult road but it feels great to have got to the end of it! [Read more…]

Lemon and Cumin Potato Salad

Vegan potato salad

Potato salad without mayonnaise? I was sceptical when I first came across the concept, but the flavours work well enough together that you don’t miss the mayo, I promise! This recipe is very budget-friendly, as potatoes, onions and cumin are all very cheap. Lemons and fresh parsley may be slightly more expensive, but parsley is easy to grow and you can use bottled lemon juice if you need to.   [Read more…]

Real Food Round-Up 2/12

Rice paper roll ingredients

I’m down in Melbourne yet again, but for a very special reason. My sister got married on Saturday afternoon in a lovely ceremony at Melbourne Zoo. As well as being a lovely setting for a wedding, the food was fantastic!

Before I left Brisbane I was trying to eat up all of the fresh food I had in the house, so had to get creative. Since flying down to Melbourne I’ve been eating very well! [Read more…]

Real Food Round-Up 27/11

Pappadums and yogurt

I’m back with my weekly real food round-ups, even if it is a little late this week. Last week I ate a mixture of meals, including some very frugal ones using eggs and some not very frugal meals out.  [Read more…]